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A sky lantern, conjointly called Kongming lamp or Chinese paper sky lantern, could be a little hot air balloon fabricated from paper, with a gap at the bottom wherever a tiny low fireplace is suspended. you’ll write down your want on that and pray it come back true once you fly the lamp
Great for creating a want at Saint Valentine’s Day, quarter day, New Years Day, birthday, etc.

Originally employed by the traditional Chinese military, sky lanterns currently widespread at festivals, weddings, and alternative celebrations round the world. you’ll simply build your own sky lamp reception victimization some straightforward tools. simply confirm sky lanterns legal in your space which you lightweight yours in a very safe out of doors location.

Sky lanterns square measure used since past. They were initial made-up by the Chinese. these were used throughout the days of war as a useful tool. Troops used them for causation messages to each alternative and for alerting the friendly troop about any danger.

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