Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle

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Pull-along toy provides unlimited fun for your children
Teaches them cause and effect of actions
The inner shells of the turtle spin right around and move
This fun turtle changes colours as we pull it along, which provides visual stimulation to your child

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Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle pulling.

are you looking for a toy to bring loads of happiness to your little angel? Funskool toys are the ideal choice for your kids. Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle is a lovely toy to bring a cute smile on the little one’s face. It’s a brightly coloured toy, which appears to be very attractive to the child. At the same time, it keeps the child engaged during their playtime.

Toddlers aging above 9 months consider this toy as an interesting item to play with all the time. This toy is basically multi-coloured. The turtle has a shell of attractive bright yellow colour, which adds a lot to the overall the appearance of the toy. The most interesting fact about this turtle is that whenever the toy is being pulled by the kids, the spinning wheel rotates. As a result, the toy changes colour automatically. This colour changing ability of the toy makes your little angel laugh cutely.

This Turtle Toy is very safe to play with. It is so because high standards are maintained while designing this exciting toy. The turtle is equipped with non-skid rubber wheels, ensuring safety. Usage of this of kind of rubber wheels offers an excellent firm grip of the turtle, regardless of the type of surface floor. This push and pull along toy, with its colour changing ability, lends visual stimulation. Above all, this Funskool toy is ideal to improve your toddler’s learning ability.

It’s a wonderful product to keep the family members free of worries while letting the child play with this attractive toy

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