Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Gym

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  • Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Gym is a activity play centre for kids below 18 months
  • Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Gym is a activity play centre for kids below 18 months
  • Musical gym features three distinct modes which are lay under play, tummy time, and sit at play
  • Musical gym features three distinct modes which are lay under play, tummy time, and sit at play
  • Features two hanging toys, a butterfly mobile and a musical character with a roller ball

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 Make the little ones feel special with Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Gym. It's a wonderful toy to keep the babies occupied with different types of toys. They can play alone and learn on their own with this cute-looking plaything. Its excellent growing and learning mechanism improves the learning curve of the little ones.

It's a lovely Fisher-Price toy for infants, whose kicking fascination is fulfilled by the presence of the soft tickling texture that rests near the feet of the kids. This ticking material doesn't hurt the little one's feet. Besides, the gym also includes a mobile butterfly, two hanging toys and a musical character that comes with a roller ball. Kids enjoy tugging the hanging toys and they have fun with the mobile butterflies. To double the excitement of the kids, it also includes a mirrored sun along with a peek-a-boo soft leaf. The hanging toucan with a jingle bell appears very attractive to the kids. Moreover, the soft mat on which the babies can sleep or sit has a cute and vibrant rainforest scene.

Little ones can have fun with this cute-looking Rainforest Musical Gym in three different styles: sit-at play, lay and play and tummy time. This attractive toy is specially designed for babies below the age of 18 months. Lifting and shaking the toys teach the kids that her action can make things happen. On the other hand hitting the toys also enhances the motor skills of the children. Overall, it's a lovely toy for babies to have fun for a long period of time. It can be gifted to any newborn baby.

From the Manufacturer

Engaging Toy that Stimulates Learning

Let your little ones play and learn on their own with the Fisher Price musical gym. This gym has some brilliant development and growing mechanisms that help enhance your child's learning curve. You child will love listening to music, pulling and tugging the hanging toys and playing with the mobile butterfly and cat with a roller ball. As crawling infants have fascination for kicking, this gym has a raised rear panel that allows your child to rest their feet and kick at its soft tickling texture without hurting their feet. Designed for babies from 1 month of age up to 18 months, this Fisher Price rainforest musical gym will suit your baby right from the birth till he or she can sit and stand.

Stage-based Learning and Playing

This Fisher Price rainforest gym allows your baby to have fun in three distinct modes, which include lay and play, tummy time and sit at play. At lay and play time, your baby can lay flat on the soft mat and enjoy playing with all the hanging toys, while its head is placed on the pillow that will protect and cushion your baby's head. While enjoying the tummy time, your baby can roll over and play peek-a-boo with the soft leaf looking at the mirrored sun. When your baby can sit and play, he or she can enjoy playing with an attractive giraffe and palm tube positioned at the end of this Fisher Price 1-2-3 rainforest musical gym and mock to the sound of jingling toucan.

  • Brand: Fischer
  • Development and fun toys for young infants
  • 2 hanging toys, a butterfly mobile, a musical character with a roller ball and a jingling toucan bird
  • 3 distinct modes: lay under play, tummy time, and sit at play
  • Recommended Age: Less than 18 months
  • Includes 3 button-cell batteries

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Dimensions 86.4 x 61 x 44.4 cm


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